The Foundation students are situated in the Williams Hunt building. The building is a well-resourced, open plan space which involves students working in classrooms and a communal learning environment, where they are encouraged to work and play together.
The Foundation teachers for 2021 are Mrs. Beth Carey and Miss Caitlin Mahar. The core subjects of English; Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening and Maths are taught in the students’ separate classes.
Foundation is an important time for children as they begin their first year of school. Our children will find out about themselves as learners and develop the skills, attitudes and understandings that prepare them for formal learning in the years ahead.
They are developing their Literacy and Numeracy skills, as well as developing their capacity to develop friendships, problem solve, persist with new and unfamiliar experiences and “Bounce Back” when they encounter a setback. Parents continue to be their child’s first and most influential educator and, for us, very important partners with us at school.


Each week children in each grade have expert tuition from a team of specialist teachers. These specialist classes include The ARTS, Japanese and Physical Education.
These are all enjoyed by students in each grade. Developmental Curriculum This program is a natural addition to the children’s learning development. Students are provided with choices for their learning and they can investigate their big questions, by utilizing their teachers’ support and the appropriate curriculum materials and digital technologies.
The Developmental Curriculum (DC) program also supports the students’ speech development and confidence; as they are encouraged to share their designs, products and their new learnings with others. School Resources The children are encouraged to access educational websites both at school and at home.
These include: Mathletics, Essential Assessment, Study Ladder, Reading Eggs and Sunshine Online. These websites are part of our whole school program.


Once a week we do a Perceptual Motor Program (PMP). Children complete jumping, rolling, catching and balancing activities that help to improve hand-eye coordination, balance, fine motor and gross motor skills. Research shows that this helps to improve learning in the classroom.

Celebrating Diversity

Children with special needs and those with English as an additional language (EAL) are catered for by a range of professionals. Cultural backgrounds are acknowledged and celebrated. We currently have the availability of an Outpost where EAL students who qualify can access a program which is designed for their English Learning needs at the beginning of their schooling. The running of the Outpost is based on EAL (who qualify) student numbers.

Adult Involvement

We welcome and encourage parental and community support with hearing children read, changing reading books, special events, helping with PMP and excursions. These adults require a volunteer’s ‘Working With Children Card’ (this is free to apply for). Throughout the school year we share our experiences and skills learnt whilst at school. Children have an opportunity to share their learning with their parents and families and demonstrate their new skills. We foster a love of learning by encouraging parents and special adults to attend our highly successful and enjoyable Family Fun Nights, Important Women’s/Men’s nights and Grandparent’s Day.

Buddies Program

A Buddies Program operates between Foundation and Grade 5 students on a weekly basis offering support in the classroom, the school yard and on some excursions.

Respectful Relationships

We are a ‘Be You’ school. As part of this framework we run school wide programs such as ‘Peer Support’ which runs during Term 1. We also run the ‘Respectful Relationships’ program from Term 2 to term 4.Our students are also encouraged to use ‘Pause, Plan and Proceed’ to help them to manage a range of different situations.

Swimming Program

Each year children across all stages have the opportunity to participate in an intensive swimming program. For two weeks, children swim each day, travelling by bus to a local pool. The aim of the program is for the children to experience tuition and build their skills and confidence in the water.


Parents are encouraged to utilize Compass. Each term pieces of work will be uploaded and assessed to enable parents to track their child’s progress. Mid and End of year reports are also only accessible through Compass.

School Newsletters

We will keep you informed of upcoming events through the student diaries and please read the school newsletter each Monday and note upcoming dates and events as well.


Our school’s welfare office is Rosalie Scott. Rosalie helps to support and educate all students and families at Bell Park North Primary School. Rosalie will work in the Foundation area over the year. Rosalie is available for questions and support around concerns. Please make a time to see Rosalie through the General Office.