Dear Parents

It is with great pride that I welcome you to Bell Park North Primary School.

We are proud to introduce you and your family to our school which is one of academic rigour and excellence. We are committed to maintaining best practices for teaching and learning so that the best possible outcomes in student learning are achieved.

The teaching and learning philosophy of our dedicated and enthusiastic staff is aligned to the individual learning needs and styles of each student. Our highly skilled teachers and support staff work collaboratively as a Professional Learning Community to implement a whole school developed and consistent instructional model which strongly emphasises high expectations and delivering all learning experiences at a high standard. Students are encouraged to be active participants in their learning by working with their teachers to set personal learning goals and strategies to achieve these.

We instil and encourage excellence in students by setting high expectations and delivering all learning experiences at a high standard. This encourages students to develop into self-disciplined, self-regulated, knowledgeable and independent learners.

We maintain a strong focus on continued improvement of student outcomes in the areas of English and Mathematics with a non-negotiable daily explicit teaching time of these core areas In 2017 our NAPLAN results showed that the growth children had made between Grades 3 and 5 in all areas tested was above the state means.

We have continuously stayed abreast of technological trends to maintain a whole school focus on integrating Digital Technologies across the whole school to support children's learning. Not only has this included a ‘ bring your own iPad device’ program but also a Robotics program which has improved student ability to problem solve and take risks in all areas of their learning. In 2018, we will continue to have children participate in the Geelong Schools’ “Robo Cup” competition. Furthermore, we work in collaboration with our local police in developing our students as safe and responsible digital citizens. We continue to be an eSmart accredited school with this work being led by our Digital Technologies and eSmart co-ordinators and the children and staff on the eSmart committee.

Our rich educational programs provide children with a vast range of learning and leadership opportunities which assist students in becoming resilient and effective team members who are able to integrate and deal with all situations. These include specialist programs in The ARTS, Physical Education, LOTE- Japanese and Digital Technologies. Further supporting programs include: Intervention; a Year 2-6 Camping Program; a rich Transition program; School Choir and the Just Brass Band sponsored and run by the Salvation Army.

We are proud to be a KidsMatter and Healthy Achievement School where we support the mental and physical health and wellbeing of every member of our school community through programs such as Peer Support, Buddies and Bounce Back. These programs support our work around our school values: Friendship, Respect, Integrity, Equality, Never Give Up, Do Your Best and Safety.

Our school has always had a significant multi-cultural component and our families represent a vast array of different nationalities. The school hosts the Geelong English Language Centre (GELC) with an outpost to cater for children across the Geelong area who are in their first six months of schooling in Australia.

At Bell Park North Primary School we applaud the commitment of each and every member of our school community whose dedication, hard work and support make our school the successful learning environment it is today.

We pride ourselves on being a school that develops and welcomes a strong home/school partnership. Therefore the staff and I look forward to welcoming you to our school and working with you to provide an educational program which enables your child to develop to their full potential as “Together We Achieve”.

Anthea Lagadinos