The Arts
The Arts offers a diversity of artistic subjects for students to explore and express creative ideas. In Music, students are involved in playing a range of musical instruments such as guitar, keyboards, xylophone, bongos and percussive instruments. Grade Five and Six students create sounds using audio engineering apps and learn the basics of creating electronic music.
Performing Arts allows students to express themselves in singing, dancing and drama activities. Every second year, all classes rehearse a class concert item that is performed at a School Concert event in front of family and friends. Every alternate year all classes rehearse and perform a Christmas Carol item which is also performed in front of family and friends.

Visual Arts offers students a range of drawing, painting, craft and design topics for students to explore and express visual ideas using a range of mediums. Students also further their knowledge of the elements of Art and observe artworks from different historical and cultural contexts.

Physical Education
Physical Education promotes the benefits of being healthy, staying active and having fun when playing sports. Students participate in skill sessions and team activities in sports such as Athletics, Soccer, AFL, Netball, Basketball, Cricket, Gymnastics, Volleystars and Hockey.
A two-week School Swimming Program at Geelong Aquatic Centre is guided by experienced instructors and focuses on water safety awareness and allows students to further develop their swimming ability in a safe environment. Bell Park North Primary School conducts a range of competitive sporting events such as School Cross Countries, School Athletics and Lightning Premiership competitions against other schools in the Moorabool District. Students walk around the school for 10 minutes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week , to promote a positive start to the day. Sports specialists from Cricket Victoria, Soccer Association and Netball Victoria also come in to offer their expertise and run skill sessions with classes from Foundation to Grade Six.