Grade 1/2 Team

Classroom Teachers: Ben Harmon and Beth Santilli
Literacy and Intervention Leader: Gailene Stojanovic
Integration Support: Wendy Erickson

As a 1/2 team our goal is to foster the students’ love of reading, writing and maths. We aim to create a positive and nurturing learning environment so each student can reach their full potential.

Children learn life skills that will help them problem solve and become life long learners.

Parent Involvement
We welcome parents to support student learning through assisting their children at home. This may include listening to them reading, helping with homework tasks and discussions that link to daily learning.

Parents can access up to date information and assessments relating to their child’s progress in Literacy and Numeracy using the Compass program. These include Semester reports, progress reports and work samples. All students receive regular individual learning plans.
Key Features of our Grade 1-2 program
• Our Perceptual Motor Program helps children to develop co-ordination, balance, motor skills and awareness of the world around them.
• The Developmental Curriculum encourages our students to become engaged in their learning and to take ownership of what they learn
• Our Literacy Intervention teacher works with targeted students to build their skills and confidence in reading, writing and speaking and listening.
• Technology is highly integrated into our learning. Students in Grade 1-2 have access to a large bank of i-pads. Our building also contains a computer lab with 20 new desktop computers. Each classroom enjoys the use of an interactive whiteboard.
• Students enjoy a number of excursions and incursions each year that relate directly to our Inquiry units, such as trips to Fairy Park and Scienceworks.