Principal’s Welcome

It is with great pride that I welcome you to Bell Park North Primary School.
We are proud to introduce you and your family to our school which is one of academic rigour and excellence within a positive, safe and caring learning environment.
Our school achieves its success through a strong commitment in ensuring best practice in teaching and learning occurs in every classroom to enable each child to achieve the best possible learning outcomes.
The teaching and learning philosophy of all staff is aligned to the individual needs of each student using multi-disciplinary approaches and preferred learning styles which reflect current educational and technological trends. This includes a whole school developed and consistent instructional models which strongly emphasises high expectations and delivering all learning experiences at a high standard. Students are encouraged to be active participants in their learning by working with their teachers to set personal learning goals and strategies to achieve these.
We have continuously stayed abreast of technological trends to maintain a whole school focus on integrating Digital Technologies across the whole school to support children's learning. This has included the continuation of: A one-to-one iPad program; Robotics program and participation in the Geelong Schools’ Robo Cup competition; developing students as safe and responsible digital citizens and progressive reporting through the COMPASS platform.
An innovative STEM program allows children across the whole school to focus on a common goal through participating in activities within the curriculum areas of Science, Technology, English, Maths, Health & Physical Education, Arts and Humanities. This program is highly beneficial in developing student engagement, innovation, problem solving and inquiry.
Our students at Bell Park North Primary School are highly engaged in their learning and feel safe within their learning environment as demonstrated by our high Attitudes to School Survey results.
A strong focus on student voice and agency and rich educational programs provide children with a vast array of learning and leadership opportunities which assist students in becoming resilient, engaged and effective team members who are confident to integrate and deal with all situations. These include programs such as: The ARTS; Physical Education; LOTE-Japanese; Multi Modal Literacies and Digital Technologies. A variety of supporting programs such as the Intervention and High Abilities Program are also offered.
We are proud to be an officially recognised Be You and Healthy Achievement School where we support the mental and physical health and wellbeing of every member of our school community through programs/frameworks such as Respectful Relationships, Peer Support, Buddies and Bounce Back. These programs support our work around our school values:
Never Give Up
Do Your Best
A Community Hub runs in our school which has been made possible with the support of Community Hubs Victoria and the Smith Family. The Hub provides many opportunities to our immediate school families and local community members such as Play Group, English Lessons and Parent Support Sessions. Our school has always had a significant multi-cultural component and our families represent a vast array of different nationalities. The school hosts the Geelong English Language Centre (GELC).
At Bell Park North Primary School, we commend the ongoing commitment of each and every member of our school community whose dedication, hard work and support make our school the successful learning environment it continues to be.
Our staff and I pride ourselves on being a school that develops and welcomes a strong home/school partnership and therefore look forward to welcoming you to our school and working with you to provide an educational program which enables your child to develop to their full potential as “Together We Achieve”.
I encourage you to browse our website content and virtual tour. I hope by doing so you will develop a strong sense of our school community. Please do not hesitate to contact our school office or me directly if you are interested in visiting our school or if you have any queries.

Anthea Lagadinos