At Bell Park North, students are very lucky to take part in a whole school Robotics program. Twice a year each class receives a 90 minute session run by Kevin and Pauline from The World of Robotics. Kevin and Pauline have been educators in robotics for over 20 years.
The Robotics program has a multitude of benefits:
1) Promotes fine motor skills.
2) Encourages team work.
3) Improves creativity.
4) Develops problem solving and mathematical thinking.
5) Improves communication skills
6) Develops persistence.
7) Develops lateral thinking and planning skills.
8) Improves self-esteem.
To further imbed robotics into the curriculum, Bell Park North Primary School has taken part in the district Robo-Cup Challenge for the last three years.
The Robo-Cup Challenge is open to year 5/6 students who volunteer to take part in this extracurricular activity.
Students are required to work as a team to build and code a robot to take part in different challenges, including a robot soccer tournament (which is definitely a favourite of our students).