Introducing Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships

This year at Bell Park North Primary School, we will be introducing ‘Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships or Respectful Relationships (RR), as we know it, as our social and emotional learning.
Respectful Relationships is being taught in both primary and secondary schools across Victoria.
Respectful Relationships aim is to embed a culture of respect and equality.
Respectful Relationships has 8 core topics (from Respectful Relationships Information Booklets), they are:
Topic 1: Emotional Literacy – Understanding and managing our emotions. Building empathy. Teaching children an emotional vocabulary, so they can express their feelings. Understand other people’s feelings. This will help to build their own self-awareness and empathy for others.
Topic 2: Personal Strengths – teaching children about strengths, both their own and other peoples. This promotes student wellbeing, positive behaviour and academic achievement.
Topic 3: Positive Coping – this topic provides opportunity for children to identify and discuss various coping strategies. Children will learn concepts like positive self-talk, so they can manage challenging situations.
Topic 4: Problem Solving – this topic provides children an opportunity to develop their critical and creative thinking skills, which then enables them to apply these skills to scenarios, which explore personal, social and ethical dilemmas.
Topic 5: Stress Management – we all experience stress in our everyday life. This topic teaches positive stress management strategies. It allows children to learn how to identify stress in their body. Children will learn ways in which self-calming strategies can help them manage stressful situations.
Topic 6: Help-Seeking – this topic will discuss with children the importance of seeking help and peer support when problems are too big to solve on their own. Children will learn what help is available and where to seek help.
Topic 7 – Gender and Identity – this topic will challenge stereotypes and critique gender norms on attitude and behavior. Children will learn about human rights and gender identity. The children will learn the importance of respect in relationships.
Topic 8 – Positive Gender Relations – this topic focuses on building an understanding of the effects of gender- based violence and focus on the standards associated with respectful relationships. Children will develop skills to help with problem solving, setting boundaries within relationships and learn how to have an active role in the prevention of gender- based violence.
We will keep you informed about Respectful Relationships throughout the year.
If you have any questions or would like further information, please ask your child’s teacher or speak to Jonathon Skipworth or Rosalie Scott.
There is also information on the Department of Education and Training Website