Mr Ben Harmon, Ms Jacquie Neale, Mrs Connie Romano and Mrs Rachel O’Brien welcome the year 5/6 students and their families to the 2022 school year.

The 5/6 team works closely together, providing a comprehensive and stimulating curriculum within a warm and caring learning environment. We recognize that all learners are different, having a range of interests and needs. Working with families we aim to create a culture of learning that caters for all students’ learning needs. In 5/6 we are extending the foundation skills, knowledge and understandings established in the first years of school, in preparation for the demands and expectations of future learning.
The students engage in high quality learning tasks that support their individual points of need. Lessons commence with a LIFT (Learning Intention for Today) which provides students with a clearly understood purpose for their learning. The class is supported to understand what ‘success’ for the lesson looks like, sounds like and /or feels like. An integral part of the 5/6 program is frequent and timely feedback about how students are progressing with their learning. Teachers support children to reflect on their learning and to set further learning goals that focus on improved learning. Working with their teacher, students are able to discuss their learning progress, set improvement goals and identify things that they can do to achieve these goals.

Parent Involvement:
We welcome parental and community support with the children’s learning journey. Families are encouraged to set time aside in their daily routine for reading with, and to, children and to have discussions about what is being explored and talked about at school.
Throughout the school year children have an opportunity to share their learning with their parents and families and to demonstrate their new skills and understandings. Many community events are open to families and friends and from time to time parent assistance is requested for sports days and class assistance (please note a current working with children’s check is required). We promote family involvement in learning by encouraging parents and special adults to attend our Family Fun Nights, Mothers/Fathers’ nights and Grandparents Days as well as the whole school assembly which is generally held at 2:40pm each Friday in the gym.

Each week children in each grade have expert tuition from a team of specialist teachers. The Arts, Japanese (L.O.T.E) and P.E.
Digital Technologies:
Each student will have access to an i-Pad to use at school. Mathletics, Essential Assessment, Studyladder and Reading Eggs are highly engaging electronic learning resources that provide a personalised approach to learning for our year 5/6 students.
Additional Support:
Additional support is provided to children on a needs basis. If you have any concerns about the progress your child is making with their learning, please contact the school and/or class teacher to make an appointment to discuss the way the school is supporting/can support the learning of your child.

Celebrating Diversity:
Children with special needs and those with English as an Additional Language are catered for by a range of professionals. Cultural backgrounds are acknowledged and celebrated. We are fortunate to have the English as an Additional Language Centre located in our main building and staff work collaboratively with teachers to maximize student learning.

Visitors to the school such as Butterfly Foundation, Robotics and Life Education enhance the learning opportunities within the school setting. Similarly, excursions outside of school further develop understandings and knowledge of key concepts and ideas. Excursions are planned to complement the learning that occurs within the class.

The Grade 5/6 students attend a 3-day camp each year at different locations to provide a range of experiences for students. In 2022 we are looking forward to attending Melbourne Urban Camp in June.

5/6 Sport:
In addition to weekly Physical Education sessions, the Grade 5/6 students participate in sporting activities, which help to improve hand-eye coordination, balance, fine motor and gross motor skills. Research shows that this helps to improve learning, co-operation and good sportsmanship. Children should wear footwear and school uniform that is comfortable for sport and PE.

Our students are very fortunate to have access to the Biolab facility this year. We have two sessions with the team from Biolab, where we learn about Science and sport science in a fun and engaging way.
Integrated Inquiry Units:
• Healthy me, healthy you.
• Australian History
• Geography with a focus on Australasia
• Physical Science

Swimming Program:
Each year children across all stages in the school will participate in an intensive swimming program. For two weeks’ children swim each day, travelling by bus to a local pool. The aim of the program is for the children to experience tuition and build their skills and confidence in the water.

Additional Programs:
The following programs are offered to students:
• Lunchtime Program/Activities
• Bike Education
• Robotics
• Peer Support Program
• STEM program, which supports students in grades 3-6 to develop their personal talents, abilities and interests
• Puberty Education in Primary Schools (PiPS)

We look forward to a wonderful year with our current year 5/6 students and also to meeting with you formally and informally over the year.

Mr Harmon, Ms Neale, Mrs Romano and Mrs O’Brien.