Multimodal Literacy
Many texts are multimodal, where meaning is communicated through combinations of two or more modes. Modes include written language, spoken language, and patterns of meaning that are visual, audio, gestural, tactile and spatial.
Multimodal Texts
Multimodal texts include picture books, text books, graphic novels, comics, and posters, where meaning is conveyed to the reader through varying combinations of visual (still image) written language, and spatial modes.
Digital multimodal texts, such as film, animation, slide shows, e-posters, digital stories, and web pages, convey meaning through combinations of written and spoken language, visual (still and moving image), audio and gestural modes.
Why Multimodal Literacy Is Important
Young people need to be able to communicate effectively in an increasingly multimodal world. This requires teaching children how to comprehend and compose meaning across diverse, rich, and potentially complex, forms of multimodal text, and to do so using a range of different meaning modes.
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